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Residence Care Renovation Services At Residence Care, we believe that - with a little imagination - you can transform your new home in Thailand into a living space meeting highest European Standards. Work is conducted by reliable local contractors well known for their professional performance.

How it is done – Four steps to your newly renovated home

  • STEP 1: Tell us how your home should look like and let us know what designs, materials, colors, furniture etc. you want to have.
  • STEP 2: Based on your information we will ask for quotations from reputable and reliable contractors and advise you in buying appropriate furniture.
  • STEP 3: After you accept the quotation renovation starts. Residence Care takes care of any issues with the contracted company and also organizes logistical support if necessary (e.g. concerning
    transportation of furniture).
  • STEP 4: Progress of the work will be monitored closely by Residence Care. We keep you informed by continuously updating you with current photographs.
  • STEP 5: End survey will be either conducted by Residence Care on your behalf or by yourself.


Make your dreams come true – Thailand offers a fantastic choice of furniture and materials at incomparably low costs

Prices for renovation or upgrades in Thailand, although depending on the scope and standard of work, are considerably lower than in Western or Northern Europe. As a rule of thumb, costs will be one third to one fourth of the price of a similar renovation in Western Europe.

You will be able to find virtually any material, furniture and gadgetry in Thailand. The choices available in nearby cities Rayong and Chonburi, not to mention Bangkok, surpass most European cities. Ask us for recommendations concerning good quality, modern and trendy furniture stores in the vicinity of your home.

Your kitchen – the soul of your home

If your home could be compared to a body, your kitchen would be its soul.  An updated kitchen greatly improves the image you present to your guests. It is also easier to keep clean and stays clean longer.   Clean, new cupboards eliminate the need to wash your dishes after you take them out to use them. Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen most likely has the greatest amount of traffic.   It is the focal point of any entertaining you will do.

Some Thai homes do not have kitchens according to Western standard. The reason for this is that in Thailand people tend to eat out in a far greater extent than in Western countries. Furthermore, for Thai style home cooking, a refrigerator, sink and a loose gas stove are sufficient. However, if you prefer your kitchen being more Western style, our specialized renovation service will provide you with anything from simple free-standing kitchen furniture to fully fledged luxury designer kitchens.

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