What will I do when I want to sell my lease right? article


Question: What should I do? When I want to sell my Lease Right.                              

Answer:   Please send us an e-mail and inform us that you would like to sell your Lease right,

then we will ….


1. The company will send the estimate invoice for the total cost of transfer, such as lease fee,

house insurance, building and land tax and  expenses of transfer lease right  send to you.


2. Tenant transfer the amount of money to Residence care, as the invoice as No.1


3. The company will request information and documents of tenant and new tenant needed for

the transfer of lease right. (A detailed list of the documents and estimate expenses invoice will

be provided by us upon request)


4. The transfer of the lease to obtain documents under the article No. 3 then traveling by

yourself or send a representative to the Land Office for registration of the transfer of lease


Please Note:  In case of the sale of lease right, you or your buyer must pay all the transfer

                        costs of the lease right at the Land Office and pay also the operation

                         cost for Residence Care.


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